08 Jun 2019

Handel Athalia: Oxford Bach Choir and Florilegium directed by Benjamin Nicholas

  • Benjamin Nicholas  Director
  • Elin Manahan Thomas Soprano
  • Ali Ponsford-Hill Soprano
  • Simon Ponsford Countertenor
  • James Gilchrist Tenor
  • Nicholas Morton Bass
  • Oxford Bach Choir
  • Florilegium
  • Handel

The Sheldonian Theatre was opened in 1669, 350 years ago, and the OBC celebrates this anniversary with one of the greatest pieces premiered there, Handel’s oratorio Athalia. Not only is this the only oratorio conducted by Handel in Oxford, but the Sheldonian is almost certainly the only surviving building where we know he performed any of his oratorios. Athalia itself tells the dramatic tale of the downfall of the evil usurper Athalia, queen of Judah, daughter of Jezebel and worshipper of Baal, with appropriately colourful and exciting music for soloists and chorus alike.

Director Benjamin Nicholas

Soprano Elin Manahan Thomas

Soprano Ali Ponsford-Hill

Countertenor Simon Ponsford

Tenor James Gilchrist

Bass Nicholas Morton


NB: Music at Oxford has no wheelchair spaces for this concert. If you require a wheelchair space, please contact the Oxford Bach Choir directly via: tickets@oxfordbachchoir.org

End time c. 9:55pm